Ever After
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First Touch
(Otro Recordings 2000)
Thoughts of You Again
(Otro Recordings 2000)
In Your Arms
(Rhythm Love Records 2001)
(House Cafe Music 2003)
Funk You Very Much
(LP, House Cafe Music 2004)
To the Rescue
(EP, House Cafe Music 2005)

Steven was introduced to the dance scene by a collective of DJs known as the Funky Soul Rebels. A young graphic designer from Brooklyn, he designed the invitations for FSR's debut appearance. The collaboration proved so successful, that this one-time task quickly flourished into a full-time job as Steven went on to design, promote and organize the crew's events. It was only a matter of time before he would end up collecting records and catching the fever to DJ himself. All it took was one gig, and Steven was totally hooked. In the following months he became a staple of New York nightllife, playing at bars, lounges and loft parties. His reputation grew, and in time Steven began to work alongside the very artists whose records he had been collecting over the years. Inspired by so much talent, he immersed himself in writing music and practicing percussion at events. "I would get booked with Seph overseas and after finishing my set, I'd play my drums over his set. Adding a live element to the mix would just make everyone in the party go crazy. It got to the point where I would make sure to bring my drums to every gig. Promoters loved it as an act." Steven recalls. Seph & Ven would make many more appearances and before long, their work in the studio began to pay off as well.

In June 2000, Seph & Ven released the "Heat Wave" EP on Otro Recordings. The debut tracks "First Touch" and "Thoughts of You Again" were shining examples of the deep House and raw soul that defined their sound. Months later, they put "In Your Arms" out on Rhythm Love Records. Both EPs enjoyed critical acclaim and were picked up by compilations around the world. In 2001, the crew launched House Cafe Music, their own record label based in Spain. "House For All" EP was the first release and featured Seph & Ven's "Dreamin". Once again the records flew off the shelves and Steven realized that there was no turning back.

With a few of his own tracks sketched up and a bit of a travel bug, Steven moved to Spain and completed his own album. Infused with a big dose of Hip-Hop, House, Latin rhythms, Jazz and raw Funk, the aptly titled "Funk You Very Much" has recently hit stores and is already generating a buzz in the industry. With more upcoming releases and plenty of travel for inspiration, the future looks quite promising for this extremely talented artist.